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Sante Impact System (SImS) is an exclusive fitness and sports rehab facility that offers an Interactive Multi-sport Performance and Athletic Conditioning Training (IMPACT) System designed to provide a complete approach to achieving only the highest level of fitness encompassing conditioning, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation.


MS. MINERVA A. CARAGManaging Director


To be the leader in providing holistic and innovative fitness and sports rehabilitation programs for the achievement and maintenance of optimal human performance

To unleash the ultimate human performance by providing a comprehensive system designed to engage, empower and enable every individual.

  1. ENGAGE individuals such as kids and teens or people who want to become active and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  2. EMPOWER athletes and individuals who want to have a better performance than they used to be in their sports or in their recreational activities.
  3. ENABLE older adults to move efficiently and promote active aging. To Enable also athletes or people with musculoskeletal injuries and bring them back to play and to become active again.
Sante Health & Fitness Inc.

The Sante Impact System is part of Sante Health & Fitness Inc. under the Sante International Group of Companies.

Sante Health & Fitness Inc.(SHAFI) share with Sante International Inc. the same Vision of being a global provider of premier wellness products and services and its Mission of helping people live better lives. SHAFI aims to continue exemplifying this purpose by delivering only high caliber, holistic and effective wellness & fitness services.


Sante Impact System is about a complete approach to fitness-conditioning and training, recovery and rehabilitation with state-of-the-art gym equipment and facilities. The very first revolutionized training system designed and developed by a group of experienced athletic trainers and physiotherapists in the Philippines. It utilizes interactive multimedia tools to deliver a unique and comprehensive performance assessment and programming. The System combines the clinical and scientific approach together with the new trends on fitness all around the globe to put into one training system in order to maximize the human performance. The very first in the country to perform research on every result to further enhance the system to make significant change in the future of athletic training and fitness.


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