TRUE STORIES OF SUCCESS: How I lost 60 Pounds in just 6 Months

Have you ever lacked the guts to face the camera when taking group photos or even a selfie because of being overweight? How about getting that uneasy feeling of being talked about when people pass by you because you think you’re taking up the entire sidewalk? These are just some of the challenges and insecurities when having a big physique. But all is not lost because you don’t fight your battles alone. Below are some true stories of success which could inspire you to make that big switch from a sedentary lifestyle towards a healthy and enjoyable life with your loved ones.

Name: John Mark Carido

Carrying the burden of gaining many extra pounds, John Carido faced the reality of going through physical and emotional struggles in his life. Walking a few steps causes him to experience pain, not to mention difficulty in breathing, have led him to feel down in the dumps. Often called “Big Mac” by his friends, he began to develop depression and anxiety which caused him to lose confidence in himself.

Initial Weight (July): 222 lbs

Current Weight (December): 160 lbs

With the help of Sante Impact System’s Sexyback Program, the effects of his hard work and determination produced unforgettable results in his life. The only advice he can give to those who tread the same journey he did, was to go through basic nutrition counselling, a dose of daily exercise and to never be discouraged by anyone. He explains that in this day and age, there are a lot of things in this world that can bring even the biggest guy down.

Name: Maria Luisa Sordan

Luisa Sordan clearly remembers those dark days when she lived a more private life. Carrying a plump physique discouraged her seeing that she’d be often greeted by words which never brought hope from even those closest to her. “Palaging nasasabihan ng wala ng pag-asa (They always tell me that I have no hope),” she says. Fearing the worst adjectives that could show up, she lacked the confidence to face people which eventually grew into a shy personality because of being oversized. However, determination drove her to change all that by making one choice which had not only led to the reshaping of her body, but to serve as a proof of breaking the impossible.

Initial Weight (July): 261.5 lbs

Current Weight (December): 212 lbs

Luisa signed up for Sante’s “Bring Sexy Back Challenge” with an initial weight of 261.5 lbs. After 6 months of pure focus and dedication, she managed to lose 49.5 lbs. Sante Impact System became a turning point for her to prove that hope exists for those who are struggling with their plus-sized bodies. Luisa Sordan has become one of the living testimonies of going beyond one’s limits and making an impact in her life.

Name: Edeliza Francisco

“Isang tingin lang sa’yo at may makita kang nagbubulungan, akala mo ikaw na yung pinag-uusapan. (When I see people looking at me and then whisper to each other, I feel like I’m the one they’re talking about.) ” These were the words of a demure woman whose physique contributed to her lack of self-belief. Edeliza Francisco always wanted to have a slim body just like those sexy women on TV blessed with such poise and beauty.

Initial Weight (July): 181 lbs

Current Weight (December): 138 lbs

Be that as it may, Edeliza had no luck in finding a way to reach her fitness goal until she finally came across Sante’s “Bring Sexy Back Challenge”. There she experienced “tough love” shown by her personal trainers which encouraged her to push harder than ever before. Right from the start, she knew that joining Sante Impact System was one of the best things that happened to her. “Ngayon? Ang sarap po ng feeling! Yung kapag may tatawag na, ‘Sexy!’ akala mo ikaw na eh, (Now? The feeling’s great! When someone shouts, ‘Sexy!’ I assume that it’s me they’re calling out.) ” she laughs.

Name: Ma. Christina Almendras

Faith–the unquestionable belief for something that has yet to be seen–has taught Christina Almendras to never give in to discouragement. “Lagi nalang sinasabi ng mama ko at ng ate ko, kapag magkasama kaming tatlo, ako daw yung nanay, (My mother and sister always tell me that when we’re together, I look like the mother of the family.) ” she says. She adds that being too big makes easily makes her tired leaving her behind while her friends enjoy the benefits of being fit, if not, being able to do things without body size getting in the way. Feeling annoyed with herself, she believed that getting fit was the only solution and Sante’s “Bring Sexy Back Challenge” proved her right.

Initial Weight (July): 211 lbs

Current Weight (December): 170 lbs

SImS fixed her perspective of how food choice affected her health as she never was health conscious. All she did was to push herself beyond her limits, disciplining herself by understanding the advantages of having a healthier lifestyle, and exercising the right way as demonstrated by her certified trainers. “Sinasabi nila sa akin, ‘Uy, ano ginagamit mo?’… Kasi siyempre, feeling ko beauty queen ako. Nanalo ako ng crown eh, (My friends always ask me, ‘Hey! What’s your secret? What do you do? I feel like I’m a beauty queen who won a crown.)” she laughs.

Here’s a short video for you…

We bet that those inspirational stories kept you scrolling down. If you’re interested in knowing more about Sante’s Sexy Back Challenge and its contenders’ journey through it, watch this short video:

Well, you’ve heard it all for yourself and if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to shed all those flabs, you don’t have to search that far because there’s a place that can offer the same life-changing impact.

Sante Impact System has decided to offer this as there newest signature program, the BRING SEXYBACK programs designed to lead you straight to your fitness goals.

There are 3 programs for you to choose from in which all programs include:

  • (a) Expert Advice
  • (b) Diet Program
  • (c) Nutritional Counseling
  • (d) Pre & Post Assessment
  • (e) Motivational Coaching

We bet that those inspirational stories kept you scrolling down. If you’re interested in knowing more about Sante’s Sexy Back Challenge and its contenders’ journey through it, watch this short video:

Sante Impact System: Sexyback Programs

Here is the list of BRING SEXYBACK Programs:

     1. 30-30 CHALLENGE: A 30-minute daily workout routine for 30 days that will surely jumpstart your way to a healthier lifestyle. We guarantee that you’ll lose 8 – 10 lbs at end of the program.

      2. TRANSFORM: Turn fit from fat and fab from flab through our signature impact circuit program. This 6-week program is a 1-hour intensive workout routine that would surely create a sexier and healthier version of you. At the end of the program, we guarantee that you will lose 12 – 20 lbs.

      3.RIPPED AND TONED: If you’re trying to get ready for the ultimate summer vacation as early as now, you’d love to get on this program. This 3-month program features a 1-hour daily workout designed to shred fat and develop lean muscles which is sure to get you ripped and those toned arms that you’ve always wanted. SImS guarantees a 5 – 10% body fat loss to those who are up to the challenge.


What are you waiting for? Register now!

If you want to sign up or inquire more about SImS Sexyback packages, contact us at 646-72-28 / 0917-556-2600 / 0908-887-1362 or email us To get a feel of the training field, visit the actual Sexy Back center called Sante Impact System located at U/G ETON Cyberpod Corinthian, EDSA cor. Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City (Across Robinsons Galleria, same side as Meralco & Corinthian Hills Subdivision)


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