TRX®: A Suspension To Love

If you’re hungry for an intense, cost-effective, and total body workout, would like to build a strong core and/or would just like to increase your muscular endurance, whatever your fitness level is, then, you’re in for a treat as Santé Impact System offers you all new fun and challenging TRX® classes starting this February. Conducted by SImS’ very own TRX® certified fitness coaches, these classes features the use of  the TRX®  Suspension Trainer, an equipment that allows you to use your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously through various exercises and positions.

Following the principles of TRX® training, a world-renowned exercise program that has been extensively researched on by fitness experts and coaches, these has been proven to be fast and effective in improving mobility and flexibility, building lean muscles, and most importantly, building up functional strength for the everyday activities that we do.

As these training principles are aligned with SImS mission to engage and empower everyone to achieve optimal human performance, these Three (3) New TRX® Classes have been introduced:


Looking for something hardcore and different than your ordinary workouts? Then the TRX® Functional Training Circuit might just be for you. This class features the use of TRX® suspension straps together with a wide array of functional training equipment done in high-intensity intervals. This circuit aims to help individuals meet all fitness goals such as improving strength, power, speed, balance, body coordination, reaction time, and most of all, cardio.


This class focuses on strengthening your core and activating it which help reduce the risk of injury and develop body strength, making you perfect for getting your game on any sport. Composing of different corrective exercises for any sports movement dysfunctions, this will allow the individual achieve optimal performance in any sports event. So if you want to prepare and reconstruct your body for the games, have a go at the TRX® Core class.


This class features a high intensity interval and cardio training targeted directly at burning calories and shedding those stubborn fats. Watch your heart rate soar with a dynamic blend of runs, jumps and calisthenics through multiple rounds of strength work on TRX® straps, each followed by an intense cardio challenge. With pure dedication and perseverance, you’ll be getting those bodies of steel in the nick of time.

So whether you‘re an elite athlete or simply just want to feel and look your best everyday, any or all of these classes may be perfect for you. If you’re interested to try them, you can check out our schedule below.


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